Monday, October 31, 2011

#Wisdoms - #Keep A Real Record of Your Work in Social Media

As many of us dabble in social media and others master the use not only personally, but strategically, I am always reminding my students how important it is to keep a record of your work. Now, this is a bit confusing. Once something - anything - is uploaded, you give up control and many argue it is there forever. This is true, because "it can be copied over and over, manipulated, combined and mashed up into any creative form or digital format. It can be forwarded to others and take on a life of it's own and never really ever be removed." The abscence of rules and respect has earned social media the label of the Wild Wild West. Just think of those celebrities who put up an embarrasing tweet only to remove it moments later, but it's too late. With millions of followers, bloggers and friends watching their every moves and taking screenshots, those seconds can hurt them for a lifetime.

While I want my work to impact the social media landscape like purple mountains on the horizon, I will admit I work to simply try to create somewhat of a teeny, tiny, tiny ripple in social media. I blog. I tweet. I spread messages about personal and work projects through Facebook. However, I am learning that you must keep a record, too, of what you say and do. For some of us, once our work is pushed out of our timelines or too hard to retrieve on Facebook pages, it is gone. Therefore, you have to pause to copy your online work offline. I did it recently for the #wisdoms I place on Twitter in 2011. I regret these are not all of them. Since I'm not a celebrity, there was no one waiting in the wings to record my every move. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them.

My #record of my #wisdoms...

It's not the type of bag you put your candy in, but the candy inside the bag. It's the same way with people. Happy Halloween. #wisdoms

Are you hiding behind a mask? If so, take it off. Be bold, and show the world who you really are. #wisdoms

2 steps forward but 1 step back is still 1 step forward. #wisdoms

Nostalgic but prophetic words: "I yam what I yam." - Popeye. (Watch Popeye - Robin Williams- Sing the tune) #wisdoms

If your client is a ladybug without spots, don't buy black paint. Figure it out. Promote her specialties/uniqueness. Make it work. #wisdoms

I dare you to share an idea with someone. You'll surely make it better through hard work and a good collaboration. #wisdoms

Be your own inspiration. When others are your muse, you are forced into their definition of success. Create your own, and go for it. #wisdoms

Engagement in #PR isn't a one time thing. It should be the start of a relationship between you and your audience/reporter/blogger. #wisdoms

Expect the unexpected. Then plan for it. #wisdoms

There's noting better than tasting the fruits of your labor. Yum. #wisdoms

Success is defined in many ways. Regardless of how you define it, u must set goals, create a plan + make it happen. #wisdoms

Do you live by the 5Ps - proper preparation prevents poor performance? I try to do it. #wisdoms

Ambition is not learned. It is a trait. I've seen it in some, and it never dies. They are the ones that succeed no matter what. #wisdoms

Just keep trying. #wisdoms

New school: Everyone gets participation ribbon/Old school: Leave w/ nothing. Feast on defeat. Return meaner/stronger/ready 2 win. #wisdoms

Study their strengths and weaknesses, and when the time is right, get in there, play and win. #wisdoms.

You gotta work to work it out. Start today. #wisdoms

We share too much as a culture. I remember when privacy was understood and not selections on settings menu. Bring back old school. #wisdoms

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. #wisdoms

If you are unhappy, unfulfilled or uncommitted, you should look inside for a change, and not necessarily at changing your job. #wisdoms

Before I begin, I want to share a sentiment from an email sent earlier to a student. Your 9to5 shouldn't define you. It is a part of you. #wisdoms

Best thing about your 20s? You feel invinceable. Worst part of your 20s? You feel invicible. Be careful. Be smart. #wisdoms

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** My wisdoms are information from the heart and those I heard or believed as I live my life. Perhaps, for some attribution might be needed, but I don't think so.

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